Solar Cine Movil (SCM) is a mobile cinema powered by solar energy that will travel though Latin America. The cinema is able to project films, documentaries and other images in almost every location and setting, since it works independently and is easy to set up.

The aim of the Solar Cine Movil is to promote Latin American films in Latin America, since a lot of films ar rarely shown in the continent itself. Besides screenings in (international) film festival, films rarely make it to the cinema’s in bigger cities, let alone smaller towns where limited projection facilities are available.

Another aim of the Solar Cine Movil is to provide a platform and a tool, for Latin American or international organisations (for example NGO’s or educational organisations), who are looking for a way to present their project to a specific audience in Latin America.

Solar Cine Movil will do this in three ways:

  1. The Solar Cine Movil will independently travel through different Latin American countries with a selection of Latin American films, to present these films in specific locations. The locations range from city outskirts and favela’s (slums) to small villages. The screenings will be organized in collaboration with local organisations, who will participate in the promotions and facilitation of the screenings.
  2. Secondly, the Solar Cine Movil will work together with film festivals, film schools or other film related organisations, to provide them with (an) open air screening facilities as an additional or alternative way to present (part of) their programme.
  3. Thirdly, the Solar Cine Movil will be available for third parties, NGO’s, educational or development organisations to help facilitate their own project in providing them a mobile projection and presentation method. For example, the facilities may be used to help them educate communities with regards to health care or to present the films made in a local youth film workshop.

Every year for at least three years, the Solar Cine Movil will be working in these three ways. Depending on demand, about 2/3 of each year the Solar Cine Movil will be available for the facilitation of third party organisations. Consistently a broad network of SCM related organisations will develop.

Currently the organisation of SCM is in process of investigation the possible collaboration with Latin American European organisations embassies, sponsors and funds. Collaborations have already been formed with the Hubert Bals Fund, the Jan Vrijman Fund, Moviemiento (Berlin), Noticias (The Netherlands) amongst others. The Technical University in Delft (The Netherlands) is currently researching the possibilities of assisting in developing the SCM.

The pilot year of the SCM will commence in august 2010.

Please contact us if you would like to collaborate in any possible way.

SOLAR CINE MOVIL is a initiative of the Latin American Film Festival (LAFF), CosyMo’s Solar Cinema and MiCamichula.